A Brooklyn based Horror site mainly dedicated to supporting Indie Horror.

We wish to give thanks and promote the films who may never get a chance in the mainstream markets. We provide an outlet for these films and take pride in watching them and unleashing them on the world.

In addition to this, we provide blood sized bits of information on all things horror. We like to think of our posts as splats of blood which can carry so much valuable information in the most minute forms. Our content primarily consists of movie reviews, short film exposure, short stories, and press announcements. The site is rapidly expanding and we hope to reach all of the edges of the independent horror community.

If you know anyone who is making a horror film or who has, don’t hesitate to send them our way. We don’t bite.

Send all inquiries to admin@splatsofblood.com


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  1. Great job Alisha! I love this site. Extremely easy to navigate. All the menus make sense. Very dynamic, just keep your shoulder to the wheel and push it to the limit.

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