Krampus Unleashed Poster

Krampus Unleashed—Holiday Evil in the Desert

Back when there was a hunt for buried treasure, a group of miners unearthed a demonic creature from the timeless holiday tale, Krampus. Now he returns with a bloodlustful vengeance and will prey on anyone that will come across his path.

‘Suburban Cowboy’ — Gritty Genius

A New York couple go through multiple odds and angering tasks leading them to what they really needed all along.

Abbey Grace Poster

‘Abbey Grace’ is a Surprisingly Spooky Girl

After Stacy’s mom passes away, she decides to move into her childhood home with her OCD agoraphobic brother who hasn’t left the house in 23 years and harbors a dark secret in the attic.

RWD Poster

‘RWD’—Rewinding Wasn’t Enough

In RWD Two guys go out on a hunt with their camera, expecting to find ghosts.  All they needed to look for was themselves.

Marquis de Sade Cover

‘Marquis De Sade: Justine’ — Re-Release Of Occult Allure

Marquis De Sade: Justine (1969) Directed by Jess Franco Synopsis: Two twin sisters share an ultimately sexual power:  One commits the acts without feeling and then kills her victims while the other, locked away in an asylum, is the one who can feel and absorb all of the sexual encounters.  Lust, carnal desire, and so much […]

‘Vampyres’: A Sexier Touch on the Folklore

When three, nosey campers come upon an English manor to seek out its dark secrets, they encounter two unlikely hosts in Vampyres.

Tabloid Vivant Cover Image

‘Tabloid Vivant’ — Art On Demand

The striking qualities of Tabloid Vivant are yours to see ON DEMAND! The lovely, eye-catching nature of Tabloid Vivant will surely not go unnoticed this fall. It goes into full swing about a starving artist who is blatantly determined to die for his artwork, along with an art critic whose passions exceed human capability at times.

Pandorica Poster

‘Pandorica’—Mythical Idea Yet To Be Handled

The leadership trials for the Varosha tribe draw near, as three people venture from their homeland into the thick woods to face and risk it all.  Only one will be selected as the leader, but who will make it out on top?

The Purgation Poster

‘The Purgation’ A Nice Revisit to Asylum Aesthetic

A young woman returns to her hometown of Black Falls to reencounter the childhood nightmare she and her friends experienced. Only then do they truly realize how much more of a horrific impact it has had on their lives.

Dogged Masked Silhouette

‘Dogged’ – Let’s Journey Into The Woods

A young man goes back to the rural town that he was once so familiar with after making a strange encounter with a group of masked individuals with darkly hidden personas.  Once he returns home, he has recurring visions of these mysterious masked men and their claimed territory that lies in the woods of his hometown.

Miskatonic Institute Logo

Miskatonic Institute Of Horror Studies Opens New York Branch

The Miskatonic Institute Of Horror Studies is coming to the United States for the first time. As successful as it is in Montreal and London, the public will get to dabble in classes consisting of semesters filled with pop culture, horror films, and literature classes.

The Evil Gene Poster

‘The Evil Gene’ Drives You To Think While Entertaining

FBI agent Griff Krenshaw is dispatched to solve a murder at a federal correctional facility for inmates with a rare genetic defect that leads to psychosis and violence. Once there, Griff becomes convinced that the facility is plagued by a much darker force.

2 Jennifer - Final Poster Art

‘2 Jennifer’: Handheld But Not Eye-catching

Written and directed by Hunter Johnson and Executive Produced by To Jennifer’s James Cullen Bressack, 2 Jennifer stars Karianne Davis, Erin Marie Hogan, Erin Killean and Felissa Rose.

Fairy Tales Box Art

‘Fairy Tales’ and The Jess Franco Collection: A Sensual Duo Deal!

Fairy Tales and Love Letters of A Portuguese Nun happen to be on the same plane when it deals with the exposure of the human body and its senses, but both films have their own raunchy twist to make the experience either more delightful or satanic.

Dark Angel : The Ascent Poster

‘Dark Angel: The Ascent’ Re-Release Not So Dark

Dark Angel: The Ascent is summed up in the acts of revenge, blood lust, and killings of demonic proportion.