‘The Lurking Fear’ Finds a Second Life

Horror movie veterans of the late 1990s and early 2000s will no doubt remember Charles Band’s Full Moon Studios with varying degrees of fondness. I was introduced to them on the New Release shelves of my local Blockbuster Video, where his horror films did everything they could to stand out against the rest of the Direct-To-Video movies that cluttered the shelves between the major releases. You could always tell them from the competition by the little blue-and-yellow Full Moon logo placed on the corner and on the sides of the videos. It gave them branding and a sense of a shared universe, much like Marvel or DC Comics.

Man VS Monsters Cover

Lethal Adventure in the Man VS Monsters App

Explore the frighting and mysterious realms contestants will compete in during Season One in an interactive, choose-your-own-adventure style game space in our 1.0 preview release. Tap objects in the screens to discover secret passageways to comp codes and join us on social media to claim free prizes and merchandise.

Terror Tales Poster

‘Terror Tales’ Horror Anthology Showcases Emerging Talent

t’s an interesting time to be a horror fan.

As technology makes filmmaking more readily accessible, more people are transitioning from fan to creator. While the obvious downside is that the marketplace becomes oversaturated with too films of negligible quality, the upside is that we have access to new talent that might have not been able to present their work in previous decades.