Purple Eye Payback

Purple Eye Payback Written by Nicholas D. Lamb A lady with a bruised purple eye lies sideways in her wrinkled outfit. She stares straight ahead, hopeless. The crash of falling cans alerts her. She investigates. The beam of her flashlight traces across a monster, hidden behind hanging chains. Her abuser awakens, approaches, and seizes her […]

The Apache Groom

The Apache Groom

Young Apache hunts a feast for his bride.

Red Blouse, Black Skirt, Fishnet Stockings

The sun falls and the moon shines. A weathered bar off the desert highway barely flickers with light. Nothing for miles. Minimal lighting. Perfect. I spot a severely intoxicated blonde stumbling into the parking lot. My throat is dry. This is it. She reaches for her keys and my hand stretches over her mouth. She struggles. The power is exhilarating. The chloroform does its job.


An eerie tale of swimming and death.

Under Rock and Steel

Under Rock and Steel Written by Nicholas D. Lamb Urban exploration in an abandoned neighborhood to escape peering eyes for our lovers play. But poor luck strikes when the building cripples across our lustful bodies. Dusted but unscathed, we scour through loose rubble for an escape route but to no avail. The days draw on […]

Epileptic Hallucinations

Epileptic Hallucinations Written by Nicholas D. Lamb We sit at desks shaped like cupped hands. Suddenly, the world ripples like disturbed water and the orange walls transmute into cilia, reaching out to my date’s face. “Ride it out,” I tell myself. “The hallucinations will pass.” They do and then return. Tree roots burst through the […]

Freshwater Serpents

The rain beats hard upon the little river island where we are stranded. There’s five of us. There were eight.