Bornless Ones Poster

Demons Run Amok in Fast Paced’Bornless Ones’ Trailer

The basic premise of the trailer tells a sweet heartwarming story. Emily and her partner Zach purchase a home near a medical institution to better care for her brother Zach.

Blood Brothers Poster

‘Blood Brothers’ — Full of Sibling Debauchery and Blunders

Two nefarious half-brothers, Charles (Graham Denman) and Thomas (Jon Kondelik) aggressively seek out their first murder. Charles and Thomas believe with their wit and eerie charm, they can commit the perfect murder. However, the murder and blood lust becomes the bane of their already toxic relationship.

Second Nature Poster

Trailer for ‘Second Nature’ Contests Gender Roles

One woman fighting the odds. One womanizer on a winning ticket. One magic mirror to turn it all around.

It Watches Poster

‘It Watches’ — Watch It If Nothing Else

Andre, recovering from a recent accident, agrees to help his friend Robert by taking over a house-sitting job at a creepy home nestled in the hills above Los Angeles. As night comes, the house reveals its insidious nature as Andre begins hearing ominous sounds and experiencing strange occurrences throughout the house that lead him to believe he is not alone, and that someone, or something is in the house with him.

John Fallon on the set of The Shelter

Writer-Director John Fallon Delves into ‘The Shelter’

Writer-Director John Fallon shares how The Shelter was conceived and more! To read our review of The Shelter click here.

Tracey Birdsall Award Outfit

Tracey Birdsall — Exciting Times Ahead for Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter

Actress Tracey Birdsall has walked away with the highly-coveted Female Action Performer Of The Year at AOF festival for her performance as Sienna in Rogue Warrior : Robot Fighter. “Rogue Warrior” was a favorite of AOFF – one of the world’s most celebrated independent film festivals – where it cleaned up in many of the […]

Grady Hendrix Brooklyn Horror ReCap and More!

Author Grady Hendrix gives us the recap of his wonderful live spoken word event”Summer Land Lost” which opened at Brooklyn Horror Film Festival. Hendrix also shares with us a nice snippet of himself as a writer and unique individual. Grady Hendrix is hosting a film event called “In the Mood for Gore” at the Alamo […]

Zach Green

Producer Zach Green talks Heir and Upcoming Projects

An exclusive in-depth interview with Producer Zach Green of Fatal Pictures on his most recent film Heir and more to come!

Heir Poster

‘Heir’ – Analogy to the Real Monsters Walking Among Us

Heir directed by Richard Powell recounts a series of events unveiling the true monsters walking among us. In our world, when someone has a dark past we are unable to tell based on appearance. This allows those dark secrets to pass us by undetected without much work on their end to hide it. But what if they actually had to hide? What if they were actually monsters that had to blend in not only mentally but physically?

‘Beta Test’ for Guns in Games and Off the Streets

Champion gamer Max Troy discovers events in a new video game are being mirrored in the real world, and must join forces with the game’s protagonist, Orson Creed, to unravel the conspiracy before the game’s sinister plot overwhelms the city.

Counter Clockwise Poster

Sci-fi ‘Counter Clockwise’ Acquired by Artsploitation Films

Sci-Fi Counter Clockwise, directed by George Moïse, has been acquired by Artsploitation Films. Counter Clockwise is George Moïse’s directorial debut

Ted Bundy Had a Son Still (1)

Ted Bundy Had a Son – Accepting Submissions

Ted Bundy Had a Son is a spin off of the underground hit series Amateur Porn Star Killer created by Shane Ryan. Amateur Porn Star Killer ended in 2008 and is about a “Ted-Bundy like serial killer/rapist who records his crimes and makes snuff films.”

Jimmy Dempster Spotlight Still

Actor Spotlight : Jimmy Dempster

A quick spotlight on up and coming actor Jimmy Dempster based out of Atlanta Georgia. Jimmy is most recent seen on Devious Maids.

Bad Acid Poster

‘Bad Acid’ Ain’t Bad at All

A washed up hypnotist desires fame and fortune so he picks up an arcane relic to help. Once he opens the relic, he finds a tab of acid, decides to take it and the rest is history.

Betrothed Poster

‘Betrothed’ Hard to Look Away But Is It a Bad Thing?

As the opening scene of Betrothed plays out, the gears in my head are slowly turning and I think to myself, I’ve made a terrible mistake. But then queue the multiple freeze frames and rock music and I decide, maybe something is beneath all of this cheese factor.