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‘Blood Brothers’ — Full of Sibling Debauchery and Blunders

Blood Brothers (2016)

Directed by Jose Prendes

Synopsis:Courtesy of October Coast
Blood Brothers tells of two brothers that fulfill their murderous fantasies, but doing so derails their relationship with horrifying results.

Anyone with a sibling will surely understand the trials and tribulations of the “sibling” class of relationships. If you don’t have a sibling then you better take notes on Blood Brothers.
Despite a few hiccups in plot and occasionally the acting, Blood Brothers is not too shabby of a film. That is assuming you can turn the other cheek a few times. I could get through Blood Brothers the same way I get through a family outing. – ignore, ignore. Just because I ignore much of the family shenanigans, does not mean they are loved any less.

While “shenanigans” is a fitting term to describe the array of things happening at a family outing, debauchery is more appropriate for Blood Brothers. Two nefarious half-brothers, Charles (Graham Denman) and Thomas (Jon Kondelik) aggressively seek out their first murder. Charles and Thomas believe with their wit and eerie charm, they can commit the perfect murder. However, the murder and blood lust becomes the bane of their already toxic relationship.

Blood Brothers opens with an uncomfortably violent scene. The acting was ok, special effects are cool, and there is some substantial acting. These four minutes in my opinion shed the most light on the dangerously insidious nature of Charles and Thomas. What happened after four minutes you ask? Well, the acting suffered as a result of the clunky dialogue. If the words were smoother, then maybe, just maybe, the actors would have something to work with.

Charles and Thomas — Blood Brothers

While plot is not entirely central to the greatness of a film, Blood Brothers could use a bit of work in this department. Things made sense until their wacko-mother get involved out of nowhere. It’s also important to note their mother is played by genre icon Barbara Crampton, who not surprisingly is mostly just a body in this film. Oh and did I mention the psychic detective Homer played by the likable Ken Foree. Nonetheless, things get pretty random halfway through the film and they never stabilize.

Alongside the plot, Director Jose Prendes does in fact utilize visuals nicely. The film features several scenes with deep red, blue and green tones. There is also an attempt to spice up the visuals with rapid changes in focus. Sometimes, disorienting and other times nice to look at.

Without the plot and dialogue smacking the cast around, Blood Brothers could possibly stand a chance. Until then, treat this the same way you do those pesky pesky family outings. Blood Brothers is the equivalent of 6 out of 10 annoying and hopefully bloody relatives.

6 out of 10 Splats of Blood

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