John Fallon on the set of The Shelter

Writer-Director John Fallon Delves into ‘The Shelter’

Writer-Director John Fallon shares how The Shelter was conceived and more! To read our review of The Shelter click here.

PowFolio Cover with Logo

David Campiti Talks PowFolio Comic App

PowFolio Exec & Comic writer David Campiti gives us his know-how on his mind-shattering comic app PowFolio.

Tracey Birdsall Award Outfit

Tracey Birdsall — Exciting Times Ahead for Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter

Actress Tracey Birdsall has walked away with the highly-coveted Female Action Performer Of The Year at AOF festival for her performance as Sienna in Rogue Warrior : Robot Fighter. “Rogue Warrior” was a favorite of AOFF – one of the world’s most celebrated independent film festivals – where it cleaned up in many of the […]

Grady Hendrix Brooklyn Horror ReCap and More!

Author Grady Hendrix gives us the recap of his wonderful live spoken word event”Summer Land Lost” which opened at Brooklyn Horror Film Festival. Hendrix also shares with us a nice snippet of himself as a writer and unique individual. Grady Hendrix is hosting a film event called “In the Mood for Gore” at the Alamo […]

Zach Green

Producer Zach Green talks Heir and Upcoming Projects

An exclusive in-depth interview with Producer Zach Green of Fatal Pictures on his most recent film Heir and more to come!

John Franklin talks ‘Prime Cuts’ and Teaching

A quick chat with John Franklin on his time working on Prime Cuts and experiences as a teacher.

Bad Acid Poster

David Chaudoir talks ‘Bad Acid’

David Chaudoir is an award-winning director who has worked on music videos for bands like Starsailor and Athlete, as well as commercials for shows like The Walking Dead. His latest short film is Bad Acid, which tells the story of a washed-up magician who acquires a magic lamp with a sinister backstory. Chaudoir told us that his short was very much inspired by 1970s horror.

Mark Netter Talks ‘Nightmare Code’

Mark Netter came up with the idea for his new film Nightmare Code while working on video games, as he explains to us in this exclusive interview.

Pernicious DVD Poster

James Cullen Bressack Speaks on ‘Pernicious’

James Cullen Bressack director of Pernicious has a chat with us on his experience making the film and more! You can also read our review of Pernicious and rent the movie which is now on DVD and VOD.

Sharknado Heart of Sharkness Poster

Jared Cohn of ‘Sharknado: Heart of Sharkness’ Talks on the Upcoming Release

This one, a mockumentary in the style of Christopher Guest’s catalogue of faves, sees Cohn play David Moore, the filmmaker who first dreamed of “sharks in a tornado” and brought on disaster by using real sharks. The first “Sharknado” was to be a movie never seen, a crime never reported, a tale never told. Until now! Jared Cohn stars in Sharknado : Heart of Sharkness on DVD this October 6th from The Asylum.

Star Leaf Poster

Director Richard Cranor talks on ‘Star Leaf’

Richard Cranor is a filmmaker based out of Washington whose most recent film is “Star Leaf.” Previously he’s directed “The Life and Times of MC Beer Bong” and “Simply Fobulous.” “Star Leaf” is his third feature.

Hillbilly Horror Show

Interview with Bo Keister on Hillbilly Horror Show Vol. 2 DVD and MORE!

Hillbilly Horror Show helps promote upcoming talent by packing together an hour’s worth of brilliant short horror films from some of today’s most gifted filmmakers. In between each short, there’s some hilarious banter between the show’s oddball redneck hosts. Bo keister speaks on their most recent DVD, Hillbilly Horror Show Volume 2


Nathan Lacey and Sarah Brims Speak on Their Upcoming Short ‘Caravan’

“Caravan” is a ten-minute film about a family going on a road-trip but encounter problems when a “malevolent intruder” enters their caravan. The promo shots and the crowdfunding video (the film is in its first steps to becoming complete) show a creepy use of the Australian landscape. According to IMBd, it’s slated to come out in 2016.