Prime Cuts Vol. 2 Cover

Prime Cuts Vol. 2 , More Gritty and More Scuzzy

With a curious ending of murder in Vol. 1, Prime Cuts Vol. 2 picks right up where the action left off. Our main character and resident barber, Todd Sweeney, is left with the task of what to do with the body of good ol’ trucker Jimmy, who was killed in Vol. 1. But of course, his girl Electra is quick on her feet and knows just what to do with Jimmy and how to get some extra meat for the pizzas, hint hint.

The Night It Out Poster

‘The Night It Got Out’, Bravo Zulu

During a blustery winter night, two retired Navy Seals transporting a top secret cargo to NORAD are besieged by an unexpected blizzard. A terrible car accident unleashes a creature with unparalleled killing capacity. Within hours dozens of people are carved up and dismembered in the town of Mangas Pass, Colorado with no end in sight to the carnage. Police Chief, Don Girard pairs up with retired Green Beret Colonel, Elliot Harmon to try to stop the creature from decimating the entire town. Harmon will be forced to face the sins of his past, while Girard helplessly agonizes over every death in an effort to protect the town and his own family. As the bloody body count rises, both men become consumed by a horrifying sequence of events that will forever change their lives.

Brain Matter Cover

‘Brain Matter’ Entertains but Could Use More Oomph!

The collection of short stories written by Clive Carpenter contains the topics of lycanthropy to zombies and everything in between.

Seeing Evil Cover

‘Seeing Evil’ is Entertaining in Its Familiarity

Seeing Evil written by Jason Parent transports its readers into the odd, yet strangely familiar world of Michael Turcotte. Michael witnessed the murder-suicide death of his parents at the wee age of three and hasn’t led a normal life since.

‘Obscura: Collected Edition’ Caters to Lovers of all Horror Subgenres

Fifth Dimension Comics brings us Obscura: Collected Edition, an anthology of comics that caters to lovers of all horror subgenres.

Blood and Gourd Issue #1 Harnesses the Magic of B-list Horror

It’s not often a horror story harnesses the magic of B-list horror while also providing an entertaining plot that is easy to follow. Blood and Gourd manages to do that. Inspired by stories like Return of the Living Dead and Night of the Creeps, this horror comic plays with the concept of the zombie virus without being an actual zombie tale.

Prime Cuts Vol. 1 (Graphic Novel Review)

After a decade in cosmetology prison, Todd Sweeney returns home to Pure Springs, shears in hand, to find and kill the man who destroyed his family.
Too bad fate has other plans.

Midwinter Review

During the winter solstice, a Teryn stands on the shoulders of his ancestors as he is locked in fierce battle, on the Salisbury Plain near Stonehenge.