Playback Poster

‘Playback’ – Just When You Thought Walk-Ups Couldn’t Get Any Scarier

Playback is about a man who investigates a brutal murder committed one floor below him in his apartment building after his TV mysteriously displays it.

Tethered Poster

‘Tethered’- The Dank Love Child of The Witch

Abandoned by his mother, Solomon abides by a strict set of rules to ensure his survival. But when a haunting discovery is made, he challenges these rules in order to discover the terrifying truth.

Chambers Cover

‘Chambers’ – Five People, One Bullet, One Hell of A Game

When a demon traps five people in a room, their only way out is through a horrifying game of Russian Roulette.

Stitched Cover Still

‘Stitched’ Tackles the Bond Between Sisters

Losing a parent is hard. But for one traumatized woman, opening up to her sister about that loss is even harder—until she gets creative.

The Toothbrush Still

Oral Hygiene Gets Spooky in ‘The Toothbrush’

A slippery box of Chinese noodles, a mysterious package with no return address, and one suspicious, motorized toothbrush make up the bulk of writer-director duo Vance Tucker and Dave Otte’s new short The Toothbrush.

Heir Poster

‘Heir’ – Analogy to the Real Monsters Walking Among Us

Heir directed by Richard Powell recounts a series of events unveiling the true monsters walking among us. In our world, when someone has a dark past we are unable to tell based on appearance. This allows those dark secrets to pass us by undetected without much work on their end to hide it. But what if they actually had to hide? What if they were actually monsters that had to blend in not only mentally but physically?

Lucky Girl Poster

Minimalism of ‘Lucky Girl’ Brings Terror to the Mundane

Three girls fall into the hands of a serial killer. Will any of them survive the encounter?

TLMEA Poster

‘TLMEA’ is One Hell of a Nightmare

Two undercover cops are caught in a dream during a drug raid, in which they descend down the 9 levels of hell – finally ending in Tolomea.

They Will All Die in Space Poster

‘They Will All Die in Space’ Artfully Executed

They Will All Die in Space begins with our main character, Dan, being awoken from his deep space slumber. Two of his crew mates, Phil and Alex, debrief him and notify him of their loss of ship control causing them to drift into deep space off course, for the past 6 months. Dan has been awoken as he is a technician and can restore the comm links and potentially get help. As Dan begins his tasks, he notices his two crew mates behaving oddly and deflecting questions about other settlers in the deep sleep.

Pieces Poster

‘Pieces’ Allows You to Be Scared

If there was an award for “most creative haunted object in a horror movie” I’d say Pieces takes first prize. Second prize probably goes to Evil Bong for, you guessed it, a haunted bong. Pieces is a little more creative and nuanced as it centers around a haunted jigsaw puzzle of all things. Sound campy? Well, it’s not. It actually really works

Sister Hell Poster

‘Sister Hell’ on Religious Perversion

Sister Hell is a short for those who are searching for horror that isn’t too serious; This isn’t something you have to watch with the lights on in the day time.

‘Feet’ Ignites Your Inner Child with Fear

A bedtime story about feet hanging off the bed while you sleep.

‘Teeth’ Subtly Unnerves

Animation duo Daniel Gray and Tom Brown create a short film that will have you cringing from start to finish. Gray and Brown snap us out of the blind comfort that we have with our daily rituals by giving us an up close and personal look at the life of a man who has the worst case of oral fixation imaginable. From a deep loathing for his first tooth as a toddler, to having an obsession with creating the perfect set of teeth as an old man (because, according to him, God didn’t get it right the first time), this man’s descent into madness is both deeply disturbing and fascinating.

Drawn to Fear Poster

‘Drawn to Fear’ Leaves us Wanting More

A woman has procured a rare book under strange circumstances.  Little does she know that the book has a life of it’s own- drawing out the fears of those who possess it.  She struggles to figure out the meaning of the book before it’s too late

The House in Spain

Take A Visit to ‘The House in Spain’

The House in Spain is a effective short horror film whose lack of dialogue helps create a nice little scare machine.