Voodoo Poster

‘Voodoo’ – West Hollywood 2017 Halloween Carnival… Make Sure To Bring Some Lube

A young New Orleans girl goes on vacation to Los Angeles to evade her increasingly complicated life. But once she arrives, she learns that trying to escape her past is not as easy as she had hoped.

Deadly Intent Poster

‘Deadly Intent’ – A Dramatic Film Accidentally Found In The Horror Bin

After the death of her soldier husband, a widow tries to build a new life for herself and her young son. Struggling to come to terms with her grief, she is devastated when the boy claims to have seen his dead father.

Playback Poster

‘Playback’ – Just When You Thought Walk-Ups Couldn’t Get Any Scarier

Playback is about a man who investigates a brutal murder committed one floor below him in his apartment building after his TV mysteriously displays it.

‘American Exorcism’ – You’re Going To Need An Exorcism After This One

Damon Richter thought he left the world of possessions, exorcisms, and evil behind until an old friend arrives with frightening information about his estranged daughter knowing that only his otherworldly skills can save her.

Tethered Poster

‘Tethered’- The Dank Love Child of The Witch

Abandoned by his mother, Solomon abides by a strict set of rules to ensure his survival. But when a haunting discovery is made, he challenges these rules in order to discover the terrifying truth.

Blood Brothers Poster

‘Blood Brothers’ — Full of Sibling Debauchery and Blunders

Two nefarious half-brothers, Charles (Graham Denman) and Thomas (Jon Kondelik) aggressively seek out their first murder. Charles and Thomas believe with their wit and eerie charm, they can commit the perfect murder. However, the murder and blood lust becomes the bane of their already toxic relationship.

Chambers Cover

‘Chambers’ – Five People, One Bullet, One Hell of A Game

When a demon traps five people in a room, their only way out is through a horrifying game of Russian Roulette.

Stranger With My Face

Stranger With My Face Wraps Up, Announces Awards!

The 5th edition of Stranger With My Face International Film Festival wrapped up in Tasmania, Australia over the weekend.

Killjoy's Psycho Circus Poster

‘Killjoy’s Psycho Circus’ on DVD and Digital

Starring Trent Haaga as Killjoy, Victora De Mare as Batty Boop, Al Burke as Punchy the Hobo Clown, Tai Chan Ngo as Freakshow and Tim Chizmar as new sidekick Handy, Killjoy’s Psycho Circus  is available online at Full Moon’s Amazon page, along with their entire catalogue of new and classic titles.

Astro Slider

Financiers Worldwide On Board to Finance Science-fiction ‘Astro’

A Billionaire’s private space exploration program returns to earth with an extra passenger: a kidnapped extra-terrestrial creature from a newly discovered planet.

Krampus Unleashed Poster

Krampus Unleashed—Holiday Evil in the Desert

Back when there was a hunt for buried treasure, a group of miners unearthed a demonic creature from the timeless holiday tale, Krampus. Now he returns with a bloodlustful vengeance and will prey on anyone that will come across his path.

Gremlin Poster

High Octane Presents ‘Gremlin’ this December

Ryan Bellgardt (Army of Frankenstein), an Emmy Award Winning director, releases his highly anticipated Gremlin to make its appearance in the 2016 American film market in December.

Second Nature Poster

Trailer for ‘Second Nature’ Contests Gender Roles

One woman fighting the odds. One womanizer on a winning ticket. One magic mirror to turn it all around.

‘Meat’ An Unsettling Examination of Lust, Death, Dreams, and Reality

Meat is a confusing, disturbing amalgam of flesh—the melding of human flesh in lust and the raw, bloody meat strewn about the butcher’s shop

Leopard Poster

‘Leopard’ — Puzzling Masterpiece Questions the Credibility of Perception

Two brothers are reunited after the sudden, mysterious death of their father. They are treated coldly by the members of their Irish village—something ominous underlays why they became separated in the first place. A surreal turn of events follows when they find a girl, still alive, who had been dumped in the moors.