Dogged Poster

Creepy Isolated Towns Are Still Creepy And Isolated in ‘Dogged’ Trailer

When Sam returns home to the tidal island where he grew up to attend the funeral of 10 year old Megan Lancaster, he discovers that the island community harbours some very deep and very dark secrets. He must race against time and tide to expose the seedy underbelly of this rural community before it’s too late…

Bornless Ones Poster

Demons Run Amok in Fast Paced’Bornless Ones’ Trailer

The basic premise of the trailer tells a sweet heartwarming story. Emily and her partner Zach purchase a home near a medical institution to better care for her brother Zach.

Second Nature Poster

Trailer for ‘Second Nature’ Contests Gender Roles

One woman fighting the odds. One womanizer on a winning ticket. One magic mirror to turn it all around.

Dark Blue Poster

‘Dark Blue’ Trailer Release — Captivating Story Filmed on Real Ship

Filmed on a real sunken ship at Isola D’Elba, Dark Blue challenges destiny, presenting a captivating story and unusual shots for the indie market.

redwood logo

‘Redwood’ Due for Release in 2017

Redwood breathes new life into well-worn mythology, creating an edge-of-your-seat horror movie that will shred your nerves and have you thinking twice about going camping again.

Tabloid Vivant Cover Image

‘Tabloid Vivant’ — Art On Demand

The striking qualities of Tabloid Vivant are yours to see ON DEMAND! The lovely, eye-catching nature of Tabloid Vivant will surely not go unnoticed this fall. It goes into full swing about a starving artist who is blatantly determined to die for his artwork, along with an art critic whose passions exceed human capability at times.

The Shelter Poster

New Trailer for ‘The Shelter’ — Set to Release in November

Uncork’d Entertainment has released The Shelter in theaters on November 4th and will release it digitally on January 3rd.

Lion Poster

Davide Melini’s ‘Lion’ Out on Halloween

Soon to be released short Lion has everything you want in a film. A house in the middle of nowhere, creepy children, a deranged alcoholic man in a wife beater, and an incredibly vague trailer.

Rogue Warrior Poster

‘Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter’ Teaser is Fast Paced !

Writer/Director Neil Johnson tells a story in which the rise of artificial intelligence ultimately leads to the demise of humanity. Our heroine, Sienna (Tracey Birdsall), is the one rebel who takes on the droid empire.

Feed the Black Poster

‘Feed the Black’ trailer is Satanic, Psychedelic

Indie Horror Studio, Suspiric Noir, has just released a new trailer for their film Feed the Black, which looks like a Marilyn Manson music video and Robert Egger’s The Witch had a baby. A really messed up, really evil baby. 

Betrothed Poster

‘Betrothed’ hits VOD this July

Osiris Entertainment has picked up Betrothed, the new horror film from director Jim Lane, for a July 2016 release.

Krampus: The Reckoning Poster

‘Krampus:The Reckoning’ Brings an Early Christmas Gift

He’s the dark shadow of Santa Claus, bringing pain and retribution to all the naughty people out there.

Lake Runs Red Trailer 3

‘Lake Runs Red’ Releases New Trailer

The producers of Lake Runs Red, an independent Minnesota-based horror film, have released the third of their character centric trailers. This one focuses on Lauren as played by Kaci Wegleitner.

Deep Dark Poster

‘Deep Dark’ Compels with Original, Creepy Story

“Deep Dark” portends many great things—the trailer alone indicating a “Barton Fink” kind of feel.

Redwood Massacre Poster

‘The Redwood Massacre’ Endeavors to Be a New Age Slasher Classic

“Redwood Massacre” endeavors to be a new age slasher classic. In an era of diminishing gore, and films that rely solely on jump scare tactics to inflict fear on viewers, “Redwood Massacre” offers slasher lovers what they love the most.