Chambers Cover

‘Chambers’ – Five People, One Bullet, One Hell of A Game

Chambers (2016)

Directed by Cory C. Maffucci & Josh Haslup

When a demon traps five people in a room, their only way out is through a horrifying game of Russian Roulette.

A priest, a businessman, a mother and daughter, and the now disgruntled Mark McGrath are all at a dining table…

Chambers is one of those shorts where too little time with the characters and too vague of a backstory make for an unintentionally comedic outcome. The short follows a group of five people, Ashley (Ashyer Gibbons), Frank (Jonathan Ercolino), Theresa (Iris McQuillan-Grace) a Priest (Bradley Rhodes) and Dave (Nicholas Tucci) as they attempt to kill themselves in order to escape the…. shadow demon thing.

My main gripe with this short is exactly that, it’s short. The only character I could really care for was Ashley, as she showed some character; chutzpah and a sense of childish curiosity when approaching the wall where the demon was lurking behind in the beginning. The other characters just felt flat. The businessman was just some guy in a suit, the priest was just some priest, Ashley’s mom was a mom, but I will say that Frank definitely stole the show. I mean who could forget his early 2000’s Cream of the Chicken colored hairdo?

Aside from the plot and characters, the production and cinematography of the short was very good, and the atmosphere got intense at times, especially towards the end. The short reminded me of an episode from Tales From The Darkside. If you have the time, I would definitely give this a go, if not but for a glimpse into Sugar Ray’s future.

5 out of 10 Splats of Blood