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‘Dark Blue’ Trailer Release — Captivating Story Filmed on Real Ship


In the 1930s, a ship called Miorgarosormr departed from a Norwegian port to avoid Nazis and Italian fascists. It headed towards the Vatican City, but never reached its destination: it and its precious cargo, the daughters of Norwegian sea god Aegir, reached a watery grave instead. The vessel left in secret. The fire that destroyed the Norwegian harbor Tondenheim after it departed erased any evidence it ever existed. Now, two scuba divers discover its remains, but what they don’t know is that a mythical Celtic guardian might be unwilling to relinquish its hold over the artifact.

From the direction of Michael Segal comes the independent production Dark Blue, under management of The Permanent Memories Production.

Michael Segal plays Mike, a scuba diver who is fearless and comical in a mean way. Kevin (Roberto D’Antona) is the diving center’s calmest and most cautious staff member. Lisa (Flavia Sabatino) is Kevin’s bubbly girlfriend who hates Mike because he acts as an obstacle between her and a marriage with Kevin. Hooper (David White) is an enigmatic, one-eyed sailor who knows more than his looks would imply; he could almost be the custodian of sea’s hidden secrets.

Dark Blue Cast

The cast also includes Simone Modugno, Camelia Voiasciuc and Samuel Giraffi.
This is Michael Segal’s first movie as a director, with the help of award-winner Simone Modugno, documentary director and camera operator (surface and underwater as well as drone pilot). Segal, the lead actor in the mystery/action film, is a stuntman as well and has been engaged in some dangerous scenes and fights.

Filmed onboard of a real sunken ship at Isola D’Elba, Dark Blue challenges destiny, presenting a captivating story and unusual shots for the indie market. The movie will be present at the AFM, then at the Toronto Film Market and Berlin.

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