Dogged Poster

Creepy Isolated Towns Are Still Creepy And Isolated in ‘Dogged’ Trailer

Dogged (2017)

Directed by Richard Rowntree

Synopsis:Courtesy of Ash Mountain Films
When Sam returns home to the tidal island where he grew up to attend the funeral of 10 year old Megan Lancaster, he discovers that the island community harbors some very deep and very dark secrets. He must race against time and tide to expose the seedy underbelly of this rural community before it’s too late…

Dogged is about a young man named Sam (Sam Saunders) who returns to his hometown, a small island in Ireland, in wake of the death of a young girl named Megan Lancaster (Abigail Rylance-Sneddon). Sam soon discovers a sinister underbelly to his island community and must quickly uncover the truth before it is too late.

The trailer is interesting, as it feels like The Wicker Man and Shutter Island had a baby. The creepy townsfolk, mixed with suspicious and brutal deaths pique my interest about Dogged. The acting is good, and the atmosphere definitely feels on point in regards to the “creepy village” aesthetic.

Dogged can either be good and innovative, or bad and banal, though from watching the trailer, I’m banking on Dogged being decent. My fear for this film is that it doesn’t try something new, and ends up being another run-of-the-mill village based horror flick that’s neither good nor bad, but lies in the limbo that is meh. Then again this just might be my cynicism talking again.

Check out the trailer for yourself and see if you like it or not!