‘Feet’ Ignites Your Inner Child with Fear

Feet (2016)

Directed by: Charlie Miller

You’re laying in bed trying to sleep, but it’s uncomfortably hot in your bedroom. You unwrap your feet from your tangled bed sheets and, for a moment, you savor the cool air while they dangle from the edge of your bed. Then comes that creeping feeling of paranoia. You picture demons grabbing your exposed feet; Monsters dragging you underneath the bed. You quickly pull them under your covers once again and try not to think of what might be lurking in the shadows of your dark bedroom.

It’s a story we’re all very aware of and, no matter how old you get, the fear of monsters under your bed never really seems to go away. Charlie Miller knows that, and decided to scare the shit out of everyone. Feet is a short film which plays with that fear and should surely ignite the imagination of your inner child.

Feet opens with a man (Mike Howshall) sitting in his bedroom and taking off his socks before he goes to sleep. The man discovers a few strange marks on one of his feet. He observes the marks for a moment, then shrugs and climbs into bed. Later, in the middle of the night, we see the man tossing and turning. He sticks out one of his feet from his covers and we discover where the marks are coming from. Our worst fears are confirmed.

This short horror managed to startle me in the middle of a coffee shop at 5pm. It’s one of those things that you pull up when you and your friends are all sitting around watching random YouTube videos. There’s a fun scare waiting for you in this short. I would say that it’s worth the watch.

If you would like to know more about Charlie Miller’s other work, please visit his website.

8 out of 10 Splats of Blood