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‘Killbillies’ (Idyll) – A Fascinating, Gory, And Downright Depressing Horror Treat

Killbillies (Idyll) (2015)

Directed by Tomaz Gorkic

A small time fashion model is taken to the beautiful mountains of Slovenia for a photo shoot, things turn ugly when some hillbillies hunt them down and use them for something truly horrible.

You know, I’m seeing a pattern here. While the Eastern European mountains and forests look breathtaking, they most definitely probably have something in there wanting to kill your ass dead.

Killbillies (original title Idyll) is about a young woman named Zina (Nina Ivanisin) who is taken to the Slovenian mountainsides by a fashion photographer named Blitcz (Sebastian Cavazza) alongside another fashion model named Mia (Nika Rozman).

One of the strongest parts of this film is it’s cinematography. The pacing of the story, the atmosphere of outdoor and indoor scenes, and the camera work all work together in harmony to make this film as real, gritty, and horrify as possible.

The acting in Killbillies is superb, with characters like Zina just instantly getting into your heart and making you feel for them. The film even makes you feel somewhat bad for the main antagonist Francl (Lotos Sparovec) towards the end, despite his character having no remorse for anyone and having an IQ of at most 40.

The gore is great, with scenes like Francl and his, son?, Vintlr (Jurij Drevensek) strapping Dragica (Manca Ogorevc) into the extraction machine, really making you squirm in your seat as you see her wrists getting crushed under the wooden planks.

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With some minor flaws that can easily be justified, like an unusual score over some shots to interesting character choices, like how Blitcz never grabs for his knife, this film definitely packs a whole lot of juiciness in just under an hour and a half.

I would absolutely recommend you pick this up. Not only will you find enjoyment in watching this, but you will also find this acts as a nice PSA as to why you should never go into any forests without a small heavily armed militia on standby.

9 out of 10 Splats of Blood

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