Second Nature Poster

Trailer for ‘Second Nature’ Contests Gender Roles

Synopsis: Courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment

One woman fighting the odds. One womanizer on a winning ticket. One magic mirror to turn it all around.

Gender behavior is flipped when magic dusts over Sam Huntington (Sully, Superman Returns) and Collette Wolf (Hot Tub Time Machine, Interstellar) in the hilarious new comedy Second Nature.

Second Nature challenges the all powerful gender in a fun and witty fantasy-comedy. After the former Mayor suddenly passes away, Amanda (Collette Wolf) and Bret (Sam Huntington) battle to fill the leadership position. While Amanda’s campaign focuses on protecting her mother and anyone in need, Bret wishes to bring on the strippers and city corruption. Their worlds are turned upside down when a magical mirror gets amidst a heated argument and gender roles and behaviors are swapped for a few days in the entire town.

Second Nature addresses a hot topic in its truest form. This film picked an excellent time to be released especially in light of our current presidency and political majority. Gender roles and identity are a vast topic and this setting will allow for a most appropriate dialogue while still poking fun.

Sam Huntington and Collette Wolf transform into the roles of Amanda and Bret in this quirky gender-bender!

Second Nature is the directorial debut of Michael Cross. Nicholas Gyeney’s (Beta Test, Matt’s Chance, The Penitent Man) Mirror Images Ltd. has produced Second Nature.

This film is currently released online and on VOD. Our review of the film is coming soon!