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Penelope Mitchell and Kyle Gass to star in ‘Gnaw’

Penelope Mitchell (The Vampire Diaries), Chris Johnson (xXx: State of the Union) and Kyle Gass (Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny) will star in the new movie by Haylar Garcia, Gnaw, and principal photography has just begun.

In Gnaw, Mitchell plays Jennifer Conrad, a small-town girl trying to find a new life in the city after escaping from her abusive husband. That’s all interrupted when she wakes up to discover strange wounds in her flesh, which cause sleep deprivation and paranoia. Jennifer sets out to uncover the mystery behind these bites, eventually coming upon a horrible revelation related to the vacant apartment next door.

As Jennifer is going through all of this, she toys with the idea of returning home to her husband. It appears that Gnaw, like many great films in this genre, will explore two types of horror: the supernatural, as well as the more grounded horror of an abusive relationship. It calls to mind the way that The Babadook tackles depression and It Follows tackles sexual assault, and mixing in these real-life issues can make a movie that much more memorable.

Haylar Garcia - DIRECTOR
Haylar Garcia – DIRECTOR
Photographed by Chris Marino

Of particular interest to many will be the involvement of Kyle Gass of the rock band Tenacious D and its feature film, The Pick of Destiny. Though he’s primarily known for comedy, some of Gass’ earliest acting work involved horror; in the early 1990s, he had small roles in Brain Dead and Jacob’s Ladder, and in recent years, he has appeared in films such as Dead and Gone and Book of Fire. May 9th was Gass’ first day on set, and the official Gnaw Facebook page celebrated with this post welcoming him on board.

Principal photography began on May 2nd in Denver, Colorado. The film is funded in part by Colorado’s progressive film incentive program. Gnaw is produced by Unreal Media (Betsy Leighton, Stephan Shelanski and Richard Turner) and Wrecking Ball Pictures (Haylar Garcia, Kathryn Gould, Jim Brennan, Patrick Hackett and Michael Haskins.)

Antón Fresco - DP
Antón Fresco – DP
Photographed by Chris Marino

This is filmmaker Haylar Garcia’s followup to the 2014 film An American Terror, which he also wrote and for which he won a Shriekfest Award for Best Horror Feature. With such great talent on board, let’s hope Garcia is able to deliver an impressive sophomore effort in Gnaw.