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‘Playback’ – Just When You Thought Walk-Ups Couldn’t Get Any Scarier

Playback (2015)

Directed by Nathan Crooker

Synopsis:Courtesy of Revelator Films
When a man’s television mysterious shows him a brutal murder being committed in his building, a scream from the hallway compels him to investigate. What he stumbles upon will change his life forever.

Living in Manhattan myself, I can whole hardheartedly say without a doubt walk ups can be scary as shit. Even without a haunted TV or a masked serial killer right below you. Hell, sometimes just going down to the laundry machines is enough to give me the heebie jeebies.

Playback is about a man who investigates a brutal murder committed one floor below him in his apartment building after his TV mysteriously displays it.

What Playback does very well is capitalize on the fear many of us have while being alone at night, especially in the three minutes it did this in, and in the one shot this all took. The audience never gets a chance to leave the short, adding to the fear factor and the overall enjoyment of the short. The atmosphere is powerful, with florescent lighting and a score that keeps the viewer in the moment, especially when the main character leaves his apartment to investigate the crime scene. The character’s are solid considering their limited appearance, and the antagonist’s design was pretty well done. Though I am curious to know how any killer could see out of dirty rags like that.

Overall, Playback is a good short that keeps the audience interested, the characters nice and simple, and does this all under four minutes while still eliciting some sense of curiosity and worry. If you have just under five minutes to spare and want to indulge in this quickie, I would highly recommend it.

7 out of 10 Splats of Blood

The feature length version of Playback is currently under production. To learn more visit the official website of Playback