Quantum Terror Poster

Sci-fi/Horror “Quantum Terror” Releases First Teaser Trailer

Samantha Colin’s twin sister, Silvia, has gone missing without a trace, and the evidence of where she is hiding can only be put together through confusing quantum physics equations and eerie scribblings about the occult. After Silvia’s ex-boyfriend and college classmate claim they’ve last seen Silvia go into nearby drainage tunnels, Sam’s only choice is to follow in her sister’s steps and face the darkness. Now joined by Sam’ ex-lover Lucy and her new boyfriend, the group of four lead themselves down a labyrinth of tunnels only to an encounter an alien entity. This dark and twisted search for Silvia may have them disappear as well.

Christopher “Moonlight” Cooksey releases the first teaser trailer to The Quantum Terror. Moonlight is known for being a producer, as a well as a publisher of Moonlight Art Magazine, and a co-host of the FX podcast show The Practical People. He is also known for his design work for TV and films such as Live Forever: The Ray Bradbury Odyssey and Harbinger Down.

Science-fiction/Horror Quantum Terror, directed by Christopher Moonlight builds potential as it proves talent and originality can win over a big studio budget in excellent film making. Inspired by the stories of H.P Lovecraft, Lewis Carol, and Alan Moore, Moonlight is able to create a film that is scary, sexy, and fun, but also has a deeper meaning. 


After a look at the trailer, its sense of vagueness with what lurks underneath the drainage tunnels and how or why it was summoned tells audiences this isn’t a slasher film because this alien isn’t something you can run away from. Moonlight aims to create numerous interpretations from how our society is shaped by modern science to what our place is in the universe. The film will include great cinematography and effects as Moonlight and his talented crew use artistry to recreate expensive materials with a cheaper budget. One of the many talented crew members include special makeup FX artist , Jenna Green, who competed on season 4 of Face Off, and is behind the creation of the crazy creatures. Moonlight has also worked with studioADI for the film where co-workers Tom Woodruff Jr. and Alec Gillis contributed animatronic tentacles to the film.

The cast includes Kristen Cochell, Paula Solinger, Matt Blackwell, Jordan Micheal Brinkman, Val Mayerik, and Dimitrius Pulido. All of the funding was raised on Indiegogo where a total of $3,740 funds were given. Moonlight recently announced they’re finished with the principal photography of the film with more to be announced very soon.