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‘Redwood’ Due for Release in 2017

Redwood (2017)

Written and Directed by Tom Paton


After receiving bad news from back home, musician Josh and his girlfriend Beth travel to a secluded national park, seeking an escape and some fresh air to evaluate the situation they will face upon their return. The couple will get more than they bargained for when they choose to ignore the advice of Park Rangers and venture off the trail, coming face to face with The Redwood’s legendary wildlife.

Signed to innovative film company The Film Label, Redwood is writer/director Tom Paton’s second feature film. This horror movie follows a young couple on their journey through a National Park, where dark secrets are revealed after the couple ignores some potentially life-saving advice. The wildlife of The Redwood is the stuff of legends–will the couple navigate back home?

Tom’s cast includes legendary Nicholas Brendon (Xander of iconic Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV Show fame), Mike Beckingham (younger brother of Simon Pegg) stars in his first feature role, alongside Tatjana Nardone (Stalking Eva), Muzz Khan (Me Before You, Galavant), and Jessica- Jane Stafford (Gangsters Gamblers Geezers).

Redwood breathes new life into well-worn mythology, creating an edge-of-your-seat horror movie that will shred your nerves and have you thinking twice about going camping again.

Redwood is due for release in 2017.