RWD Poster

‘RWD’—Rewinding Wasn’t Enough

RWD (2015)

Directed by Matt Stuertz


Two guys go out on a hunt with their camera, expecting to find ghosts.  All they needed to look for was themselves.

The twist and turns of Matt Stuertz’ RWD caught me by a pleasant surprise. In this Blair Witch style film, two friends are off on a ghost hunting expedition, looking for the usual things that red-blooded teens are most curious about. Ghosts, demons, and things that will bump and scratch you from the darkest places in the night. I was expecting RWD to spring in the direction of a typical film outline that deals with two amateur characters, a video camera, and an open range of possibilities that fall under the most common paranormal experiences. I was dead wrong! –

At first, the scenes caught me off guard and I felt as if missing a single snippet of RWD, or not noticing every small detail, would have ruined the rest of the movie for me, so I did my best to keep my attention entirely focused on the film, but it wasn’t just for pleasurable purposes only which took away from the film’s enjoyment. In certain parts, I didn’t feel as fully engaged as I thought I would be for an action-laden movie. However, RWD was a shocking breath of air for the model of handheld-film experience. Despite RWD being a two-man team project, it was extremely well done with a firm grip on a newer concept that I’ve never seen produced in the smaller world of horror films.

6 out of 10 Splats of Blood