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‘Second Nature’ – When Freaky Friday Gets Political

Second Nature (2016)

Directed by Micheal Cross

Synopsis:Courtesy of Cross Films
One woman fighting the odds. One womanizer on a winning ticket. One magic mirror to turn it all around. In the small town of Louisburg, the most unusual mayor’s race is about to go down.

The age old topic of sexism has been explored quite a bit in recent years, especially in places like America, Canada, and Australia. With men and women talking about their roles in society and how they would like to see it change or stay the same, one thing can be certain about all of this… thank god we’re not being eaten by lions anymore, am I right? Man… those days sucked.

Second Nature is about a woman named Amanda (Collette Wolfe) who is running against her opponent Bret (Sam Huntington) in the surprise upcoming election for mayor of their town of Louisburg. The cinematography is good, and the acting is decent. The setting is like any old town in the good old USA, which gives it a very generic feeling. Not bad, but not particularly noticeable.

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The comedy is akin to films like Trainwreck and The 40 Year Old Virgin in terms of content and delivery. The film’s theme centered on gender roles in modern day society (specifically in America) doesn’t let the film stray too far from the subject in terms of its jokes, and with jokes like construction workers catcalling the main character and her friend in the beginning, it all seems stifled, grabbing at the low hanging fruits of the topic.

Second Nature isn’t bad, in fact some scenes made me chuckle quite a bit, but the film doesn’t try to reach for the “gold nuggets” of this topic, and insists on swimming in shallow waters. I would have liked to seen more daring jokes aimed at both sides of the spectrum and really dissect the way we as a society view ourselves and our roles in it. Though to this film’s credit, an hour and twenty minutes is a very short time to really go into a topic like this guns blazing.

If you have the time to watch Second Nature, I would recommend you give it a go. If not for the chuckles here and there, this can definitely serve to strike up a conversation about why it would suck to be a caterpillar and have wasps lay eggs in you like Alien…. damn nature, you scary.

6 out of 10 Splats of Blood

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