Sweet Dreams Poster

‘Sweet Dreams’ – Are Definitely Made of These. Who Am I To Disagree?

Sweet Dreams (2016)

Directed by Jake Unsworth


After a father tucks his son into bed, he finds his real son hiding in the closet and has a terrifying realization.

When a film can give you the heebie jeebies in under a minute, you know you’ve found gold.

Sweet Dreams is about a man (Jake Unsworth) tucking his son (Michael Wilson) into bed.

This short, having only 48 seconds of story, was able to make me feel uneasy in all the right ways. With the lack of context, sudden change in atmosphere from when the father tucks his “son” into bed to when he finds his son in the closet, the uncertainty about the creature , and a score that ties this all together; Sweet Dreams is a pleasant, if not frightful treat.

I would wholeheartedly recommend you give this a go! You will not be disappointed.

9 out of 10 Splats of Blood