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‘Tabloid Vivant’ — Art On Demand


A starving artist and his passion for work can move him to the grave…

The striking qualities of Tabloid Vivant are yours to see ON DEMAND! The lovely, eye-catching nature of Tabloid Vivant will surely not go unnoticed this fall. It goes into full swing about a starving artist who is blatantly determined to die for his artwork, along with an art critic whose passions exceed human capability at times.

It starts with a steady, confident flow of wanting to finish a masterpiece on canvas into a downward spiral of illness, insanity, and jealousy. Writer and director Kyle Broom had such a sinister darkness to Tabloid Vivant that left me with so much more than the average horror movie going experience.

Tabloid Vivant Still 3

It deals with the gentle touches of realism in art, how much passion is given to a piece, and what are the ultimate end desires, or consequences, that could plague anyone mad enough to hold a paintbrush in their hands for too long.

You feel introduced to the bloodshed and madness that consumed two bodies and transformed their energies into the most astonishing pieces of artwork. This artwork will definitely move you to watch it conveniently On Demand.

Tabloid Vivant is now available on YouTube, Amazon Video and Google Play Movies.