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‘Tethered’- The Dank Love Child of The Witch


‘Tethered’ (2017)

Directed by Daniel Robinette

Synopsis:Courtesy of 4 Leagues Media
Abandoned by his mother, a boy is left to live in isolation – tethered to his land, his home and a set of rules.

The dank atmosphere of this short aims to create a sense of isolation and dread for the main character, a blind boy named Solomon (Jared Cook), who lives in a dank shack in some dank woods with a dank cassette player (what is this the 90’s?) and has a dank rope which he must wear at all times around his dank clothes. You could almost say this movie is pretty dank…

The story is pretty ambiguous, as the only context given is to the main character via the recording on his cassette player from his mother (Grace Mumm). There’s nothing to really write home about as far as the main character goes, but Cook is able to naturally flesh the character out through body language. The composition of the short is good, though there were a few exceptions that made me somewhat confused. Towards the middle Solomon wakes up one morning to investigate a noise outside near the woods, with an audio jump scare included as a part of its complete breakfast. The production of the short however is very solid with shots of the forest cementing the brooding vibe, definitely akin to The Witch, and will definitely bring back memories of dead dogs and naked witches with apples.

Overall, Tethered offers an interesting concept but falls short with its impact. If you have a couple of minutes to spare and would like to indulge in a dank atmosphere, I would pick this up.

6 out of 10 Splats of Blood

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