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‘The Awakening’ – Why You Should Invest In Some Ghost Locks

The Awakening (2016)

Directed by Jake Unsworth

After a woman finds her friend calm and bloodied in her bathroom, she goes to fetch him some aid, only to get a call to discover the horrifying truth.

When a man is calmly washing his bloody hands in your bathroom, that’s usually a telltale sign that something ain’t quite right.

The Awakening is about a woman named Sarah (Lizzie Davies) who finds her friend Steve (Jake Unsworth) in her bathroom eerily calm and bloodied. The short overall is pretty good. The characters are interesting, although towards the end of the short Steve does lose his fear factor and does border on becoming comedic. The atmosphere is great, with a score complementing it.

My one critique is that the ending of the short isn’t as strong as the beginning and middle. The beginning and middle are really solid and progress nicely, but the ending kinda ruins the magic of having that initial punch just linger with the audience for a bit.

Instead Unsworth opts to have the ghost act like a ghost from Paranormal Activity or Ouija. There’s nothing wrong to go with that approach, but for a short that’s just under two and a half minutes, the ending would have been way better if the realization that Steve is a ghost just lingered with the audience.

Otherwise The Awakening is excellent! I would definitely give this one a go.

7 out of 10 Splats of Blood