The Forest of the Lost Souls Poster

‘The Forest of the Lost Souls’ to Release Late 2016

The sadness will last forever.

The lush undergrowth of The Forest of the Lost Souls cloaks manifolds secrets and stories of despair. The forest is Portugal’s most popular haven for victims of, and those contemplating, suicide. One summer morning, two strangers who have lost all hope in life enter the forest to escape, but find each other instead.

Ricardo (Jorge Mota) is an old and weary man. After his daughter Irene (Lilia Lopes) fell victim to a romantic pact gone wrong, she took her life in the glacial lake deep within the forest. Carolina (Daniela Love), an unstable hipster who finds fun in morbidity and death, befriends the man.  Briefly distracted from committing suicide, they explore The Forest of the Lost Souls and the secrets it holds together. Dishonesty between the new friends leads them to discover darker, more terrifying secrets instead.

Like the matryoska doll, a series of wooden dolls that are opened to find more smaller dolls within, The Forest of the Lost Souls (A Floresta das Almas Perdidas) is a tale of horror nestled within a coming of age drama. A poetic story of life gives way to ’70s slasher-style terror.

The Forest of the Lost Souls - The Fate

The beautifully  haunting black and white film was shot in several locations of Northern Portugal and Zamora (Spain). After a long career producing and directing various short films, José Pedro Lopes will make his directorial debut with The Forest of the Lost Souls. The cast, lead by 22-year old Daniela Love who has a background mostly in theater, includes talented actors such as Jorge Mota, Ligia Roque, Mafalfa Banquard and Tiago Jácome.

Anexo 82, a production company based in Oporto (Portugal), is producing the film with the support of several institutions. Post-production will take place at the 2003 Studio in Dubai (UAE). Anexo 82 is looking for a festival release late 2016, early 2017.