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‘Voodoo’ – West Hollywood 2017 Halloween Carnival… Make Sure To Bring Some Lube

Voodoo (2017)

Directed by Tom Constabile

A young New Orleans girl goes on vacation to Los Angeles to evade her increasingly complicated life. But once she arrives, she learns that trying to escape her past is not as easy as she had hoped.

When Ron Jeremy shows up in your film and offers your main character a gig as a porn star, there’s only one way it can end… and if you guessed getting butt fucked by Satan, you guessed right.

Voodoo follows Dani Lamb (Samantha Stewart), a young girl from New Orleans who comes to LA to move in with her… sister? Cousin? Best friend? Stacy Cole (Ruth Reynolds) as she tries to move on from her past. To start, the characters in this film are okay. The chemistry between Dani and Stacy is like that of any typical college girl BFFs. They had fun, they joked, they shared intimate moments; it was fine.

The handheld camera technique was an interesting choice, working in some scenes like when Dani comes to Stacy’s house for the first time. It also really… really doesn’t work in other scenes, like when Dani was walking through hell and a demon decides to be her cameraman. I mean how nice of it, but c’mon, handheld cameras weren’t made to accommodate demon claw hands.

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The special effects were a mixed bag. Some of the practical effects done with the gore props were pretty good, though some of it like the disemboweled guts just looked cheesy. The computerized FX on the other hand were always awful. From the orc BDSM dude branding that sigil on Dani’s stomach to the Demon following Dani around in Stacy’s house. They were all bad.

Voodoo is like a Rob Zombie movie on acid. Half of the film was spent setting up backstory and character development, while the other half was just a hybrid of the worst Halloween Haunted House ever and a really cheesy BDSM porno. Half of me wants to tell you to skip this, but the other half would tell you this film is really unlike anything you’ve seen before. I would pick this up once, then put it away forever, lest Ron Jeremy decides to pay you a visit…

5 out of 10 Splats of Blood

You can get Voodoo on YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and Vudu.